24 de junio de 2015

Peter Bauza | Bio.

Bio  |  Peter Bauza

Born in Germany, Peter - graduated in international commerce - left his birthplace to pursue a career for his company, which took him to several countries where he also developed his visual language. He lived in South America for more than 20 years, frequently travelling to Europe and Africa. After nearly 2 years in Africa he is back in South America.

Since his youth, he has been moved by social issues as well as fascinated by customs and traditions of communities, marked by political, environmental and economical challenges.

His visual language has been deepened through lifelong studies in photography as well as a variety of specialized courses and workshops, including influential workshops with Magnum Photographers like David Alan Harvey and Ian Berry among others that helped him to develop certain viewpoints that are reflected in projects. To intensify this relationship with the visual art and language, he started later to study photography at the Open College of the Arts, in partnership with the UCA University for Creative Arts in UK.

When documenting and telling stories through photography, he is going far more than passive observation. He is always searching for and compiling stories that transcend ostensible beauty and invite reflection beyond the subject, sometimes also with a double life between colors and black and white. Works has been exhibited as well as published. 

For more information please feel free to get in touch.  

Last Exhibitions
• coming soon 10.10.2014 Buenos Aires, AR "emiti emito...Children of Earth"
• Between Shadows and Lights, September 2013, Galeria UCEMA, Buenos Aires, AR
• “...From the East to the West, Africa“ , December 2012 – February 2013, Centro Cultural Borges, International Hall, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Last Publications
• Boxer pour oublier ses peines, Paris Match via ZUMA , August  2014
• Keepers of the Forest, ZReportage | ZUMA
• For a better Life, ALMA Magazine, March 2014
• Between Shadows and Lights, October 2013, In-Flight Magazine Aerolineas Argentina
• LA FUGA, Lifestyle Magazine, September 2013